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  • 1433 Bedford Ave
    Brooklyn, NY 11216
    2.0 étoiles

    I don't get to go to Crown Heights often but being in the area today me and my husband knew we wanted some kind of flavorful food. Seeing Catfish's menu had me excited for some good old cajun food.

    Walking into Catfish you could tell it's a popular hot spot. There aren't any booth seats and tables are VERY close to each other. Conversations can be very awkward when you find yourself eavesdropping into the next table without even realizing it. It's dimly lit in there, very loud and the bar takes up a lot of space in the middle of the dining area. I ordered crab cakes, deviled eggs, and the hubby tried the pork fried ball thingy they had. My crab cakes were actually very tasty. Deviled eggs were a bit heavy on the relish, too tangy for my tastes. My husband said his pork balls were very bland and not even hot sauce could save them.

    I was leaning towards shrimp and grits for my main course but the waiter described the crusted sea bass special so well I jumped at the chance of ordering it. Hubby got the half chicken. We also ordered mac and cheese, andouille sausage and cornbread on the side. My fish was very bland, the crust pointless and the dish desperately needed salt and pepper. The rice and corn sides were just as bland and flavorless. The mac and cheese was decent - full of scallions and cheese- but it never gave me a WOW moment. My hubby complained his chicken was also devoid of flavor but the sauce that covered it was tasty. Cornbread was on point though!

    In the end I'm pissed I went here instead of the many many trini/carribean spots on nostrand that smelled so good as I passed them by on the way to this place. But in the end I'll trade in the glitz and glamour of wait staff for some flavorful food!

  • 66-36 Fresh Pond Rd
    Ridgewood, NY 11385
    5.0 étoiles

    I ordered from here a really long time ago and couldn't remember if it wowed me or not. Just devoured a helping of their food today and all I can say is OMG SO GOOD YUM YUM TACO TACO.  The breaded shrimp tacos were so tasty and even though they had apple in it (I hate fruit), the flavors bended so well together. The fish tacos were equally delicious, with the wonderful chipotle mayo sauce they dripped on top. Guacamole was also awesome. I also got some mexican corn on the side cause 3 tacos isn't enough for me...yeah I'll be cutting back soon. It was spicy and cheesy, just what I wanted!

    The wait time was about an hour but Grubhub already quoted me that so I can't be mad. The delivery guy also didn't come up but he was very friendly and apologetic about it. Can't wait to order this again!

  • 3.0 étoiles

    I'm torn about this place. I'm ordered from here a couple of times and for the most part the food is tasty. The asparagus with tenderloin tips is really good and I usually order this as my go to meal for when I don't want to be adventurous. I also love the fried chicken nugget appetizer. It tastes very similar to chicken, has a great breading and goes great with the mustard dipping sauce.

    Now the bad:

    The fried rice here is bland and taste like the chef got lazy and tossed some ingredients around. I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't like their General Tso's Chicken. It's chewy and has a weird texture that makes it hard to eat.
    Yesterday was my first time ordering in a while. I ordered the pad thai and orange chicken. The pad thai was just a waste of 10 dollars. The noodles were stuck together and were so dry. The whole dish just tasted so bland. The orange chicken wasn't spicy in the least and because the delivery took about 90 min to get to me the chicken's coating has softened from sitting in the sauce.

    It's a hit or miss with this place. Some things are bland, some things are good. In the end it's a gamble when you order.

  • 4135 Austin Blvd
    Island Park, NY 11558
    1.0 étoiles
    5-3-2015 Avis mis à jour

    I write this in review with a heavy heart because I really enjoyed this restaurant at one point in time. My husband had come here with his family a couple of times and had average to good food. Well this time was definitely a downgrade in flavor, service and an overall a far than stellar experience.

    We arrived and were the only people in the whole place. We originally thought they were closed because alot of the outside lights were not on.The waiter came over and told us the specials. The steak with mushrooms cause my husband's eye. I got a seafood mix in parsley sauce. My mother in law got the barbeque chicken. The parsley sauce for my food was SO BLAND. It lacked any flavor or depth. It tasted like water and parsley. Having the seafood (still in the shells) sit in that tasteless broth weakened the shell and made it hard to open so I had to send it to the kitchen to have them open it but in the end I couldn't eat it. My husband was severly disappointed with his steak. It was gamey and the mushrooms looked like slices instead of actual mushrooms. My mother is law's chicken was so dry and small, she could barely eat it. The only highlight to the meal were the mash potatoes. Also the waiter didn't seem to know much English and wasn't very polite or nice...it just seemed like we were bothering HIM. Even after everything was said and done it took forever for them to come over with the check. My husband they were just all talking in a group near the bar. In the end we blew over 100 bucks on crappy food and so so service. Don't think I'll ever come back.

    3.0 étoiles
    9-10-2011 Avis précédent
    Well the first time me and my bf wanted to come here it was packed with people and a 35 min wait.… En savoir plus
  • 162 Post Ave
    Westbury, NY 11590
    5.0 étoiles

    I don't usually give 5 star reviews but this place just won me over. The place is quaint and very clean. The menu is a bit smaller than many other traditional Dominican spots I've tried but they were very accommodating and made something new for me that wasn't on the menu (garlic tilapia). The woman working behind the counter was super sweet and friendly and even let my husband go get a Pepsi from a local store since they didn't have any.

    The tilapia and garlic sauce was very good. Rice, beans, potato salad and tostones were all on point. I love that they serve it to you on real plates. It just gives this place a real mom and pop atmosphere. My husband had the cuban and the chicarrones sin huesos. The cuban was huge and he said both were really good. In the end we paid up with the owner who was just the friendlest guy around. He refused to take the tip because according to him he just was "happy to have our business", nothing more. We left the tip anyways but really appreciated how honest and warm he and the rest of the staff was.

    Overall just a wonderful place for some tasty Dominican food!

  • 3907 Prince St
    Flushing, NY 11354
    2.0 étoiles

    Maybe I'm not familiar with Chinese cuisine, maybe this place sucks, maybe we came on a bad night but I just didn't like my food that much or the experience here. Let me explain.

    It was late, around 10pm. Points for being open so late. Strolled in here after checking out yelp reviews. Looks like a regular diner. Nothing fancy. The menu is extensive, a bit too extensive if you ask me. It was very hard to come to a decision. I had to order 3 things because I was so confused as to what to order. In the end I got dim sum shrimp dumplings, seafood fried rice, mayo shrimp. Boo got dim sum ribs in garlic sauce, fried intestines, pork in some noodles. The shrimp dumplings were so chewy I couldn't finish them. The shrimps were way too big and had no other flavor but mayonaise. It seems that it was literally mayo and fried shrimps. The rice was good, not great. It was basically seafood and rice. His intensines were crispy on the outside but flavorless and soft in the middle. Ribs were gray colored, chewy and in no way garlic. In the end we collected the meal as a loss and put it behind us.

    When it was time to pay we found out no cards accepted (I hate that shiznit!) and that the wait staff is very upset when you don't take any food home. Maybe they assumed we didn't like the food (bingo!) but it's honestly none of their business unless I complain which I didn't. 45 bucks down the drain. Oh well chock it up to another failed foodie night out.

  • 920 Merchants Concourse
    Westbury, NY 11590
    2.0 étoiles

    Coming here was definitely a mistake.

    We came after a long day of errands because my friend was craving hibachi. She had been before and said the food was good. Our usual hibachi place was a bit too far so I took her word for it. Yeah...that's never happening again.

    We had no reservations but fortunately were seated right away. The decor is red and black, nice and clean. Everything was served right away in terms of appetizers. Soup and salad were average. My sangria was good. Prices were way overpriced. I guess you are paying for the name. And who charges for hibachi fried rice? Every place I've gone to the fried rice is included! The wait staff was very friendly but they had many many tables so if we needed anything we had to flag them down as they serviced another group behind or beside us.

    Then the hibachi chef came and it all went to hell. He looked tired and sleepy and so didn't want to be there. There were no fancy tricks and the ones that he even tried to attempt were half assed, sloppy and just plain sad. He didn't crack not one smile and even though he confirmed with me my hibachi fried rice would have no chicken he hands out the chicken free rice then proceeds to mix the chicken in without giving me my order. Instead of making a fresh order or getting the manager he proceeds to try give me the same rice but scraping out the chicken. My husband and friend got the manager and they politely ordered me some fried rice from the back kitchen which I appreciated but it still bothered me that I had to wait another 10 minutes because he couldn't get our orders right. Once he started on all the meats and seafood (very fresh which I liked) we advised him we wanted soy sauce and extra garlic. Apparently this place doesn't know what garlic is but they understand garlic butter because he slathered THAT instead on everything he could cook. The garlic butter tasted more like butter than anything else and overall all the food was more on the bland side of things. Even after all was said and done the chef tried to impress us again with some more unenthusiastic juggling of salt and pepper shakers, dropping them all over the grill. Just a bit embarrassing to watch...maybe he was sleepy and we were his last table? Who knows.  

    In the end we blew almost 200 bucks for 3 people at a reject version of a real hibachi place. No way was it worth the money. Next time go to a smaller, lesser know place and hope that the food is better. And even if it isn't, it definitely won't be as expensive and that's always a plus.

  • 1226 Old Country Rd
    Westbury, NY 11590
    3.0 étoiles

    I'm always getting coupons for this place and decided it was time to stop in. They have a salad bar in the front, bar to the right and a whole bunch of booths. It was empty on a Wednesday afternoon. They have a lot of things on the menu and it was actually pretty difficult to choose just one because it all sounded so good. The waitress was attentive and friendly and started the meal off with their version of Red Lobster's cheddar cheese biscuits. They were alot smaller and drier and not as cheesy so pretty much no comparison in taste lol

    I ordered the Thai Phoon shrimp (get it? THAI phoon? Haha) and the spicy Parmesan shrimp pasta. My husband got a sampler appetizer than had mozzarella sticks, chicken strips, and buffalo wings and ribs for his entree. For the prices there I think the portions are a bit small. There were only 3 of each appetizer and they were small pieces. All of it was pretty tasty though. My shrimp were crunchy and had a nice orange sauce over it. I also paid extra for the salad bar (about 3 bucks) and it was nice to take as much veggies as I want.

    My entree was a bit more on the blah side. The Parmesan sauce was decent but the shrimp weren't spicy in the least. It looks like they just sprinkled cajun seasoning over all of them and called it a day. The husband said his ribs were good, but the bbq sauce was a bit bland.

    In the end, with a coupon taking 50 percent off of one item, it was still about 60 bucks. Every item was at least 10 bucks or more. For a prettier version of Fridays I don't think they should be charging 20 bucks for ribs and chicken strips. Oh well...I'll be on the hunt for some more RT coupons.

  • $ Pizza
    6048 Myrtle Ave
    Ridgewood, NY 11385
    4.0 étoiles

    The place is minutes from my home and the smell alone was enough for me to walk in and try a slice. Their pizza is on point and I'm loving the old school seating they got in there. The whole place screams old school, down to the Italian owners and washed out colored walls, but I love it so.

    We usually order a whole pizza from here and it's pretty good. Sauce is flavorful, bread isn't too grainy or chewy and the prices are just right. I've tried the food (shrimp parm) and it wasn't the greatest. Shrimp were on the small side and the flavor didn't match up to other places. On the plus side they do deliver and it's always quick!

  • 11716 Liberty Ave
    South Richmond Hill, NY 11419
    3.0 étoiles

    This place is the only Chinese spot around that is open till 2am. 2am people! That alone bumps up a star in my book.

    Their fried rice is OK except they don't put beansprouts in it, which I thought was weird ( I don't like them anyway). They put way too many vegetables I don't care for (cabbage, mushrooms) and I should have asked before ordering. It's a bit more spacious than other chinese restaurants and there are a good number of tables to eat at if you aren't taking it to go. If you do eat it there they serve it to you in plates, which is kinda nice. My husband got the hunan beef and he said it was spicy and delicious.

    Truth be told I'll only be coming here if I crave some dirty chinese food past 12am.

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